About Us

Black Fusion is a Boutique iPhone and iPad development house. The company was formed from the iOS department of a much larger company and is perhaps unique in having extensive enterprise experience in this relatively young field.

We have extensive experience across a wide range of markets including financial, pharmaceutical, media, engineering and niche areas. Our Apps are visually superior to our competitors' and are optimized for maximum user experience.

Our recent experience includes a social media app that leverages corporate Twitter and FaceBook accounts to aid internal communication for project management. We applied a similar concept to build a business efficiency driver app for a client and applied a similar idea to a fitness program, for which we built an associated app.

We are currently in the process of launching our own sophisticated App on the app store. Many aspects are still confidential but it does include a scientifically proven questionaire that estimates your life expectancy. The App then goes on to monitor your lifestyle and gives medically proven guidance on how to live longer. The life expectancy date updates as the user adjusts their lifestyle.

We pride ourselves in excellent client communication and project management, and are very happy to assist our clients gain the maximum return from their investment and we take the long view with our customer relations.