Return on Investment


BlackFusion only delivers high quality, captivating solutions, therefore our prices are difiicult to compare to others. However, we do have extensive experience which allows us to mitigate the cost of high quality to a great extent. Each project would be very carefully specified with sample screen shots, and every single element of functionality defined and priced up before the start of the project. To give a rough idea of the range of prices and functionality, see below for descriptive examples.


FX trading app:

Key members of the design and development team have extensive experience building blackbox trading apps. This experience drove a prestigious client of ours to allow us to build an FX trading application for them.

BlackFusion's FX trading app is an intuitive and accessible trading platform that delivers fastest and convenient trading service to subscribers.. The FX trading app is an easy to use app that gives the user the ability to monitor FX price pairs for all major currencies in real time, open and close trades, place stop and take profit orders. It leverages high security , strong encryption and interfaces to industry standard xml feeds using FIX and QUICK FIX protocol. It also provides a comprehensive audit trail with optional GPS logging.




Sharepoint App:

Although Sharepoint ships with out-of-the-box mobile templates, these are generally unsatisfactory due to excessive latency and poor performance. We have overcome these issues by producing an application that feeds directly from the back-end sharepoint database using web services. The variety of functionality obviously varies dramatically and consequently so does the price. Security packages can be delivered to meet the perceived and the real security threat

£7k-35k depending on functionality.


Video Steaming:

The video streaming system gives the app the ability to deliver on demand or scheduled video streams similar to BBC iPlayer or 4OD, whilst incorporating enhanced formating and various secure payment gateways.




Basic Application:

This would be a basic application that can include an interactive questionnaire in addition to four other sections which can be used for informative or advertising purposes. Ideal for small businesses.



Restaurant App:

Our restaurant application displays the current daily menu, takes bookings and reservations as well as displaying its locations on a map through GPS integration. Restaurants that offer take-away service can incorporate a facility that will allow customers to easily place orders through their mobile device and have them delivered to their home.



Brochure app:

This app is designed to exploit the convenient "dip in, dip out" characteristics of mobile devices. This app allows the busy executive to visualise his dreams and reinforce the buying drivers for his product. Brochure apps incorporate stunning hi-def graphics and innovative textual information rendered on demand through touch screen and motion control.




Pharmaceutical App:

This is an easy to use app produced for the iPad designed to facilitate searching through and reading medically approved reference material. This app has been proven to be very successful and widely used as a handy 140 page reference guide.



Social networking app:

This is a social networking app designed to be used by employees within a corporation to garner greater workforce integration and communication by encouraging the sharing of business improvement ideas. The app exploits crowd sourcing and social media technology which has proven to be very successful.