Some of our work


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Client confidentiality prevents us displaying our full range of applications we have created for our customers. Below are some of the applications we have produced.


The BlackFusion team have years of experience building automated FX trading applications, so it was a natural progression to build the world's first iPhone trading platform. The App is highly secure, uses enterprise deployment and is blisteringly fast.


Black Fusion Dev also creates apps for the Apple iStore. Our most recent venture, which is being sold in 160 countries worldwide, is a self-help app entitled "Be A Success". For more information, and to download the app, visit


The project we are currently working on is a groundbreaking "Longevity" application that will also be sold in 160 countries. The App contains a very in depth and scientifically proven questionnaire that gives the user their death date. The App then monitors their lifestyle and allows you to make changes that will help the average person lead a longer and more fulfilling lifestyle.


Below are some screenshots from the applications we have produced.